Our team of video scouts evaluates thousands of players so you know where to look

  • Discover the best players
  • Find reliable player info
  • Save time and money

“Your club undoubtedly has a team of excellent scouts, but there is always a lack of capacity to cover everything. The scouts in our platform point you towards the targets you didn't find yet.”

Marco van der Heide
Founder 360 Scouting

Why 360 Scouting Insights?

Insights is built for sporting directors and (chief) scouts who experience one or more of the following issues.

  • Some of your unsuccessful transfers could have been prevented.
  • You only cover a (small) part of the market that is of interest to your club.
  • The info on your data driven platform isn't as accurate and reliable as you'd like.
  • Your competitors sign players you should have signed.

Save money on

Player salaries
Agent fees
Travel expenses
Personnel costs
Unsuccessful transfers
Data subscriptions

“We watch football all day, so you have more time for other stuff.”

How does Insights work?

Insights combines the power of professional video scouting with league expertise and coverage. All of our video scouts are selected through an extensive application procedure. They closely follow 'their' league by watching full matches and analyzing individual player footage. By doing so, they get to know every player from the inside and the outside.

The scouts enter all the relevant player information they gather into the platform: current and potential level, strengths and weaknesses, best position(s) and written reports.

As a sporting director or (chief) scout, this information points you directly towards the most suitable players for your club!

Which leagues does Insights offer?

Challenger Pro League
2. Bundesliga
3. Liga
Eerste Divisie
Super League 1
1. HNL
Super Liga
Czech Liga
U21 talents

Our scouts

Iván Ramis Díaz

Position scout

Jonas Caryot

League scout

Oliver Nerent

League scout

Jan van der Plas

League scout

Alexey Burtovoy

Position scout

Panos Karagiannis

League scout

Marcos Sophroniou

Position scout

Brandon Flexer

Position scout

Marko Jovic

League scout

Connor Ceballos

Position scout

What our clients
say about us

“I am positively surprised by the quality of 360's video scouts. They show football understanding and league knowledge.”

Head of scouting

Insights gives us access to new markets and undervalued leagues. The platform serves as a reliable filter, so we spend our time wisely.

Sporting director
(Liga NOS)

Reports are written in a very clear way, which means I can really imagine a player, even if I didn't see him play yet.

Head Coach

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