How it works

At 360 Scouting, we believe scouting can be done better and more efficient.

Let's explain why and how.


In general, there are three ways to evaluate players: live, through video and via data.

They all have their unique pros and cons and mostly vary in two things.

  • Quantity. The number of player evaluations within the available budget.
  • Quality. The reliability and accuracy of each player evaluation.

The level of live scouting evaluations is generally high (quality), but it's too expensive and time consuming to scout thousands of players (quantity).

With data, one can compare tens of thousands of players in one minute (quantity), but the results aren't always accurate enough to rely on (quality).

We genuinely believe video scouting offers the best of both worlds. It's way more reliable than data, but way faster and cheaper than live scouting.

Video scouting experts

Because of this believe, we specialized in video scouting.

This is what we did to become experts.

Role in club's infrastructure

We think no club should rely on external sources like us when it comes to the final stages of evaluating a player.

But in the run-up to that, to get to know more interesting players for your club, using our database can be very helpful.

This would lead to the workflow below when it comes to integrating our platform into your club's recruitment activities.

  1. Use 360 Scouting Insights to find interesting targets that fit your criteria.
  2. Follow up on them by your own team, within your standard scouting procedures.

Player database

Obviously, you can subscribe to all 3.000+ player evaluations within our platform.

But you can also simply subscribe to the information that is most helpful to you.

  • Per league
  • Per position
  • Per nationality
  • Per birth year

Let's get in touch, so we can learn more about your needs and requirements.

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