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League experts

At 360 Scouting Insights, you can currently subscribe to ten leagues. Subscribing is done per league. By doing so, you get access to all the player reports of the players in that league.

Each league is covered by a video scout who lives in that country. The scout speaks the language, knows the culture and watches many matches every week to stay up to date.


Since half August, we’ve been covering four leagues. When you go to the platform and select a league, you can see how many players have been added so far.

  • Segunda División (Spain) – Iván Ramis Díaz
  • 2. Bundesliga (Germany) – Jonas Caryot
  • KKD (Netherlands) – Jan van der Plas
  • Ekstraklasa (Poland) – Oliver Nerent

For six leagues, everything is ready to get started. If you are interested, let us know, and we’ll be in touch. From the moment you subscribe, our scout will start covering the league.

  • Serie B (Italy) – Alexey Burtovoy
  • Super League 1 (Greece) – Panos Karagiannis
  • First Division (Cyprus) – Marcos Sophroniou
  • Super Liga (Serbia) – Marko Jovic
  • Primera División (Argentina) – Brandon Flexer
  • Major League Soccer (USA) – Connor Ceballos

Are you interested in subscribing to one of the ten leagues above?

Additional leagues

We will add new leagues soon based on the combination of two things.

  • Interest shown in a specific league by clubs
  • Managing to find a high-quality scout in the corresponding country

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