Position scout

When we started 360 Scouting Insights, we only used league scouts. In other words: every scout was responsible for 'their' league.

That offers advantages, because a scout living in Poland or Denmark has been following the league for years, speaks the language, knows the culture and is very much up-to-date with what happens there.

Different approach

Brighton, a club performing way above its budget for years, uses their scouts differently. They don't assign them to a specific league or region, but to a position.

This way, scouts can compare players on the same position in a lot of detail.

Shortly after we spoke someone at Brighton, we've applied this approach in our platform. Besides using league scouts, we now also use position scouts.

That means that in our 360 Scouting team, we now have every position covered. We have a goalkeeper scout, a right fullback scout, a right central defender scout, and so on.


Those scouts become an expert in 'their' specific position. They know what modern football requires on that position.

And they clearly spot similarities and differences between players, both in their level and player type.

All of this improves their player evaluations and reports.

End product

Over the past few months, all of our position scouts evaluated 100 talents (born in or after 2002).

All of those player evaluations (1.100 in total) are now available in our platform as a 'talent package'.

In other words, your club can get access to 1.100 high-quality player reports, created by 11 position scouts.

Let's get in touch to discuss how all of those player evaluations can be beneficial to your club!

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