Our team of 30 carefully selected video scouts already evaluated thousands of players.

You can get access to either the whole database or selected parts of the database.

  • League access
  • Talent package
  • Club specific packages

League access

Subscribing to a league in Insights costs € 4.000. Adding a second league to your package costs € 3.000 and every additional league costs € 2.000.

Access to a league means you'll find ratings and reports for all players in the league with at least 200 minutes played. Per 1 April 2023, eight leagues will be available.

Talent package

Besides scouting leagues, each of our eleven position scouts evaluated 100 players born in or after 2002.

The total of 1.100 player evaluations is accessible too for € 8.000 per year.

Club specific packages

We can also deliver club specific packages, such as subscriptions:

  • per position (e.g. all goalkeepers, all wingers)
  • per nationality (e.g. all Dutch players, all German players)
  • per age group (e.g. all players born in 1999, 2000 and 2001)