Recruitment procedure

Application procedure

What did we do?

  • In the past year, we received no less than 1.800 applications from all over the world.
  • With tactical assessments, we narrowed this large group down to 300 applicants.
  • Based on more complex assessments, we selected the best 30 scouts.

Recruitment process

How did we do that?

  • Not a single applicant was asked to send us their cv or covering letter. We recruit based on skills, not experience.
  • The first tactical assessment contains questions about a few football situations which include many interesting football actions.
  • In the second assessment, applicants are asked to evaluate several players in detail based on provided video footage.


What did the procedures lead to?

  • A large group of excellent, highly motivated video scouts with the ambition to become better every day.
  • Providing chances to scouts who don't get a chance at clubs even though they possess great qualities.
  • Many different expertises within our team of video scouts, both in terms of league and position expertise.